Connor Kennedy and Minstrel on the Road with a Record

My Good Pals Connor Kennedy and Minstrel, Minstrel being Lee Falco of Goodnight Brother, Will Bryant who often performs with GB and Brandon Morrison, released an awesome live record entitled Live in Utopia. They recorded the album at the Utopia Soundstage at Radio Woodstock studios in Woodstock, NY.

These boys for sure have the Hudson Valley sound and always put on a great show. The true blend, energy and sound of the band is captured in this live record. Currently, Minstrel is on the road for the next month or so supporting The Waterboys in an extensive national tour. Though it’s hard to part with these fellas for awhile, I am excited to see what road stories and battle wounds they come back to the Hudson River Valley with.

You can listen to Live in Utopia by clicking the link above or buy a copy online or at one of your local Hudson Valley record shops.


Solo Work In Motion

Because basement recording is way more fun. #lofi #basement #acoustic

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Though I am working on Goodnight Brother’s next full-length release extensively, I also have another project very close to my heart that I am eager to get out to the world.

In the Summer of 14′ I started writing new material for a solo album. Calling on new themes, symbols, melodies, lyric composition and song structure I slowley felt a distinct growth and maturity in my writing and sound.

Between school, work, gigging, recording Goodnight Brother and socializing, I have been crafting this new material into what appears to be a pretty solid record. Currently, I have a total of 11 songs which might get cut down to 9 songs, due to the length of some of the tunes (not enough room on one CD.)

I have been mapping out the recording process in my mind over the past couple months and finally started recording the songs other night in my basement, starting with rough live takes to a click track. I want to capture the true feel of these songs and starting with a live performance I think will be the best foundation.

I want there to be limitations in my production, as if I was recording in the 60’s or 70’s. I feel the best creativity will come out of this limitation. The sound I have in my head for this album is an overall sound of contrast. Contrast between my raw acoustic guitar based songs with electrical sounds, utilizing vintage drum machines, analog synthesizers, radio chatter, telephone microphones, vacuum cleaners and television static.

An album is much more than just a set of new songs. It becomes a window into a certain time.This window becomes eternal once the material is recorded, and that is the hardest part, making something immortal. And now I’m pressing the record button.

Goodnight Brother Records at Converse Rubber Tracks Recording Studio

Tracking at Rubber Tracks   (Click on the photo above to read what Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn said about our session.)

A couple weeks ago we finally broke ground on our new record. Landing free studio time at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, New York, we decided to use our eight hour session to its full potential. We went in with the goal of tracking bass and drums for 10 of our new tunes and left with just that.

Our engineer at Rubber Tracks, Bryan Pugh, is a true artist in the studio. It felt like he had been working with us for years. The sounds he was getting out of our instruments was on point and just remarkable. It was great to have his ear and input on the new material. He made it possible for us to just focus on nailing each song and bring forward our best performance.

Everyone at Rubber Tracks was super awesome, from their interns to the studio manager, they all contributed and made sure that there was a rich creative environment for us to work in. Not to mention the fresh pair of Converse kicks they hooked us up with at the end of our session.

We are taking these recordings back to the Hudson River Valley to craft the rest of the record in the comfort of our own home recording studio and capture the sound that truly characterizes us as a band.

Super Cute Pic of Goodnight Brother

Super Cute Goodnight Brother Band Pic

Just found this super cute picture of Goodnight Brother right before our New Year’s Eve set at The Falcon in Marlboro, New York. I think this was taken by Sarah J. Berman with one of her many film cameras.

Click on the picture to enlarge and admire the cuteness more effectively.

{from left to right: Duncan Clark, Dante DeFelice, Elliot Cash, Lee Falco}

Elliot Cash Releases a Killer Diller Demo

My good pal Elliot Cash (Goodnight Brother guitarist) co-released a pretty sweet Demo. Elliot is always up to something magical musically when he isn’t twanging away on one of my tracks and this is a prime example.

Raw, whispering, and yet screaming, this FREE demo was self-recorded and produced in an empty warehouse space in Marble, New Orleans.

If you have anytime, or don’t have anytime, it doesn’t matter. Make the time to listen to this.

DEMO by Marble

Hooked On Phonics Music Video

I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that Alyssa Mazzeo and myself took a trip up to Hudson, New York and stayed at The Union Street Guest House during our spring vacation.

Goodnight Brother was about to release the first of two singles from our album Not Happy/Not Sad and I was so enthralled with the rich visuals that surrounded us in Hudson, that I began recording what I thought would be a music video. I wasn’t really sure how it would turn out or if it was even worth my time.

I found confirmation of these random recordings when I came across a Diana Camera (the title of track four on Not Happy/Not Sad) and a Hooked On Phonics (title of our first single) reading set in one of Hudson’s thrift stores. From there I found the inspiration to continue snapping the record button, no matter how stupid it seemed to be creating a music video with no direction or storyline.

The result was about 30 minutes worth of video, which I had every intention on editing, piecing together and releasing a week or two after we released Hooked On Phonics. Well the spring went, Not Happy/Not Sad was released, the Summer came, it went. Autumn came, and went… It didn’t seem as if I was ever going to release a video for Hooked On Phonics.

And then I needed to create a music video for my final project in my Writing for Digital Media class at SUNY New Paltz. Can you guess what video I finished? No need to guess, just watch the video above and enjoy.

It’s amazing what a college assignment can force you to accomplish.